Nana watches Game of Thrones Chapter 3


Nana watches Game of Thrones

Chapter 3

Now that our collective watch has ended, my 90 1/2 year old Nana has decided it is time to see what Game of Thrones is all about. Here she talks about episodes 5 and 6 of season 1.

Nana watches Game of Thrones Chapter 2

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Nana watches Game of Thrones

Chapter 2

Now that our collective watch has ended, my 90 1/2 year old Nana has decided it is time to see what Game of Thrones is all about. Here she talks about episodes 5 and 6 of season 1.

Nana watches Game of Thrones Chapter 1

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Nana watches Game of Thrones

Chapter 1

Now that our collective watch has ended, my 90 1/2 year old Nana has decided it is time to see what Game of Thrones is all about. Here she talks about the first 4 episodes of season 1.

Game of Thrones Season 9 : What if?


GOT Season 9…

What if?

From week to week for the last six episodes of Season 8, I have been listening to various Game of Thrones podcast commentary in order to help me digest it all. It has been a wonderful post episode ritual and I am sad that it has concluded (for now).

On episode 42 of the Game of Thrones: On the Throne podcast, as Gene and Big D break down season 8 episode 6 series finale, Gene presents his brilliant breakdown for what could have been a season 9 of the show.

As I mentioned in my personal thoughts on the finale, the single biggest issue with seasons 7 & 8 is time. And though I do have issues with the story beats and character arcs themselves, I have truly come to realize that if I had been the boiling frog, I would have been much more accepting of it all.

Even in moments of heightened action and suspense, Game of Thrones is still a nuanced show that needs time to let things breathe. To an extent, this has always contributed to its continued success and high praise for storytelling. Shocking moments never come in the episode 10 finale of a season. It is always episode 9, followed by a whole episode just to process what has happened. It is crucial.

Previously, I thought it made most sense to think of season 7+8 as one mega 13 episode final season. But after hearing Gene’s idea of a season 9, I am convinced that the bittersweet conclusion of Game of Thrones is not one of story, but almost purely one of timing.

Gene tells Big D to think of episodes 1-5 as season 8, and season 9 as episode 6 of season 8. Yes, that is right. EPISODE 6 = SEASON 9.  He then proceeds to exquisitely break down and elaborate on the story beats contained in this one 80 minute episode and spins each one into an intriguing and thoughtful episode until there are 10 of them! It is a god(s)damn Game of Thrones chanukah miracle!!

I am truly convinced you could have told the EXACT same story, but stretched it out to 30 episodes and the audience of the realm would have enjoyed it more, accepted it more, and forgiven its shortcomings more. The only thing I would change is moving season 8 episode 5 over to season 9 with episode 6. It could work, a shame that we will never know.

Season 7 - Take 10 episodes to tell the 7 episodes’ worth of story.

Season 8 - Take 10 episodes to tell episodes 1-4.

Season 9 - Take 10 episodes to tell episode 5-6 of season 8.

"Game of Thrones" is over, and we're having a hard time letting go. Our final On The Throne Deep Dive examines whether "The Iron Throne" helped or hurt this monumental series' legacy and why things ended the way they did. Gene and Big D discuss whether Bran was the right choice for King, whether justice was served, and what the heck the Dothraki do now that they're stranded in Westeros and don't get speaking roles. We couldn't bring you a "Game of Thrones" Season 9, but Gene argues the final episode of Season 8 had all the makings of its own season ... so he wrote it. And we reflect on each major characters farewell and how it fit his or her tale. Also, if you were confused about who the heck also those randos were at the Kingsmoot, we've got you covered. Help Support the Podcast

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Our Watch has Ended: Game of Thrones


Our Watch has Ended:

Game (of Thrones) Over

Warning! Major Spoilers.

Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 8.21.33 PM.png

There is a lot to say isn’t there? I am not sure if I have the bandwidth to even attempt the sort of appraisal that it all really deserves. After the (now) series highlight of Season 6 E 9 & 10, we started to see (much to our collective disbelief) a steady yet gradual decline in story. This decline ranges from mild annoyance due to personal preference, all the way to sheer internet hive mind bafflement.

Instead of pouring over the many negatives, I would rather focus on the good things and the character pathos that left me overall satisfied with both the series as a whole and its conclusion.

13 vs. 20


Before I dive in, I think the single biggest piece of criticism to note is the extreme condensation of seasons 7 and 8, particularly 8. A friend on Facebook made this egregious error slightly more digestible by suggesting that I think of seasons 7+8 as one 13 episode final season. It is not a bad way to look at things, but it doesn’t help when considering that these 13 episodes are packing in 20 episodes worth of story?

67 vs. 6

Another friend on Facebook noted this: Those final 6 episodes abruptly derail/subvert the overarching story being told in the previous 67 episodes. It happens in a way that almost makes watching HUGE chunks of that 67 hour story completely unnecessary. It is hard to ignore the blatant truth of 13 vs. 20 and 67 vs. 6.

Lannister aftermath.

One of my biggest gripes (despite the scene/symbolism itself being good) was the choice of ending for Jaime and Cersei. Seeing their corpses gave that symbolism far more impact and for the sake of positive closure with the series, I’ll take it.

Tyrion uses Jon to kill Dany.

This five minute scene really makes the whole episode. It solidifies the choices and arc that the show runners were aiming for. It feels like there was a lot of G.R.R.M in this thinking/plotting and it was enough (for me) to process the quickness of Dany’s swing and what ultimately comes of it in the next scene. I also really appreciated Tyrion finally admitting his love for Dany, as well as their discussion on love being the duty of death and duty being the death of love. It applied to both of them in their actions. It was profound, and spoke to great truth - both within the show and in real life.

Jon still is the Prince who was promised. Duty is the death of love.

Building on the previous scene, Jon ultimately does what the Lord of Light brought him back for: He vanquishes the death that had come to Westros and saved the realm from more by plunging a dagger into the one he loved. It’s not perfect, but it works in the same way the Jaimie Lannister/Tyrion ultimately complete the Valonqar prophecy. Not on the money, but close enough. I am satisfied.

Death came from the other side of things.

Despite the 67 vs. 6 idea criticism, there is some noteworthy sleight of hand here, even if it wasn’t intended. Death was indeed coming for the realm, but it wasn’t just from the White Walkers! It was also from the “Fire & Blood” side of things: “A Song of Ice and Fire.” She was planning similar campaigns across Westros, from Dorne to Winterfell. Dany also completed her father’s last wishes, truly making her the “Mad Queen.” All of it a prophecy untold, that no one could see until it was too late -  except for one… More on that in second.

Dany does smash the wheel.


Nothing happens the way we expect it, especially in Game of Thrones. Even though Dany kills just as many (if not more) as the all the other big bads, she still does smash the wheel in causing her own death. The best antagonists don’t think what they are doing is evil or they can at least justify it in some way. She destroys King’s Landing and what it represents, which in turn leads Tyrion to persuade Jon Snow to kill her. Drogon then melts down the Iron Throne, ending the 300 year legacy created by her family’s house. I’d like to think that Drogon knew what he was doing and understood that nothing good comes from the Iron Throne and that it is for the best to burn the thing that lead to his mother downfall and death.

Did Dany really die?

Ok, she probably died, but put on your tinfoil hat for a second. Does Drogon spare Jon Snow because Dany is BARELY alive?! Targaryens have been killed by dragons in the past. Why didn’t Drogon roast Jon? I like the way things ended for Jon, but I would have been equally satisfied if Drogon’s flames also roasted Jon with the throne. A satisfying death/end for the “hero” of the story. But maybe Drogon resists because Dany is not dead, and he will carry her off back to Essos and away from all this mad conquest. It is fun to think about.

A wooden throne, not an iron one.

The best part about the Iron Throne melting down is its replacement with Bran’s wooden one, along with a pseudo “Parliamentary Monarchy.” It would have been silly and far fetched if they switched to true democracy. I loved how they all laughed at the thought, but it really spoke to the truth of the phony democracy of antiquated electoral college in the United States. Iron bloodlines no longer determine the next link in the chain and the throne of power is made of materials that need to be replaced over time.

Bran is lazy evil.

Bran is kind of a bad dude. He seems to keep his mouth shut about A LOT of things that could help/save A LOT of people. In the end he admits that he knew where this was going. Why else would he travel all the way down to King’s Landing? Bran was playing the Game of Thrones all along. He only opened his mouth when it would benefit him. In this way, the 67 vs. 6 idea ends up being an incredibly long con that ends with him being on the “Wooden Throne of the Six Kingdoms.” I hate this, but I also love it.

Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 8.18.35 PM.png

Arya sails away.

It was so wonderful to see Arya’s story end in this perfect way. It made The Hound’s words mean so much more. Arya realizes that revenge is empty and meaningless and will destroy you in the process. So she rises above it all and chooses to follow life instead of death by journeying into the unknown. She had no place in Westros, and now with no one to kill, it was time to go. Godspeed Arya, wishing you well.

Jaime on the books.

I loved seeing Brianne updating the Kings-guard record, it was the perfect call back from the end of their first journey together. But the moment is made less pure by the gross, unnecessary need to spoil the glorious platonic love they had for each other. Let’s just pretend that never happened, K?

Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 10.57.41 PM.png

There and back again: A Song of Ice and Fire.

This was very on the nose and even a bit groan worthy, but I like it the Lord-of-the-Rings of it all.

Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 11.03.13 PM.png

A small council of good.

Bran’s new small council of good felt like an extension of season 8 episode 2 with everyone bonding around the fire. Sans Bronn of the Blackwater, I can’t think of a better small council to leave in the hands of the Realm. Bran being wheeled out as discussions begin makes me think that he will have a hands off approach in his rule, which might be for the best.

Jon ends up in the North.

Jon’s arrest was frustrating after all the good he has done - he did not deserve this. And although I didn’t like that he was on the hook, I loved that he is sentenced to take the black. It just makes sense for the character. It felt like something that would have happened in the early seasons of the show. Jon was never going to sit on the throne, even if he was pushed to do so (even if it was the obvious solution to being with Dany). He didn’t care about his lineage, and he didn’t even want the honor of Sam name his child after him. All of his hopes and dreams died when he killed his Queen. All in all, it is very tragic and sad, especially when Jon is not sure if it was the right thing to do. One thing is for sure, it was the Bran thing to do...

Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 11.41.29 PM.png

A dream of spring?

How can Jon take the black when there’s no more wall and no more Night’s Watch!? It is all a trick, instead he meets up with Tormund and the free-folk to go north of the wall and live in peace.  As they walk into the trees (that look similar to where the series began), we can see a lone green plant sprouted out of the snow. With the White Walkers gone, perhaps the permanent winter is at an end and the North will go back to what it was when the Children of the Forest lived there.

It is the perfect end for Jon Snow and the Targaryen bloodline.

Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 11.49.21 PM.png

Follow up in 10 years?

It is a miracle that Deadwood is getting a film 10 years after it unceremoniously ended. Is it out of the possibility to consider that we will get some sort of follow up mini series or film in a decade or so? With the endless TV show revival renaissance and GOT being one of the most popular TV series of all time, I would bet my last gold dragon on it.

Junk Food Journey - Sour Patch Kids Cereal

This one really caused my jaw to drop. What an idea? Who is the animal that came up with this? Probably the same guy who brought us green and purple ketchup.

This was either going to be a disaster or a stroke of genius and I simply had to know how they managed to synthesize Sour Patch Kids into a nutritious breakfast cereal.

The results were both shocking and conclusive. Watch now.

Junk Food Journey - Orange Vanilla Coca Cola

Typically, flavored seltzer is my beverage of choice. It tastes refreshing without wasting precious calories that can instead be spent on delicious food. If I do drink coke, I prefer non-domestic because they use real sugar instead of the extra poisonous High Fructose Cornsyrup.

In particular, fruit flavored Coke can be really weird, although I do like Cherry. Does Orange Vanilla Coke TASTE like a CREAMSICLE? Let’s find out. I need to know this.

Junk Food Journey - Banana Cream Forsted Flakes

Am I BANANAS for Frosted Flakes?! I couldn’t resist checking out Banana Cream Frosted Flakes because I am a flavor freak.

I was additionally worried because of the sog factor that is associated with a flimsy cereal with a cornflake foundation. They don’t stand up well when you add milk.

This is Us: Peeling Back the Layers


This is Us:

Peeling Back the Layers

WARNING: This review contains SPOILERS.

Please do not read or read with caution IF you have not seen the film yet.

There is one thing that is truly undeniable when it comes to Jordan Peele and his filmmaking: His originality. It is so refreshing in a time plagued with endless reboots, remakes, sequels, and homogenized tent pole concepts meant for the masses. It is that originality that gives Peele an endless well of credibility for me as moviegoer. I will go see ANY genre film this man makes, all you have to do is tell me it is a Jordan Peele film, and I am there - trailer unseen. His brand is that strong, and it continues to outshine any flaws that I have seen in his work.

Peele also possesses an immense pop culture intelligence that has afforded him the ability to subversively weave his influences as well as meaningful symbolism throughout the narratives of his films. Like Get Out, a lot that has been baked into the Us cake.

Things that stood out as I watched:

Shiny objects. The dead twin Tyler girls in the upstairs hallway lie in the same positions as the Shining twins! Considering that Jordan Peele was doing press dressed as Jack Torrance, this didn’t feel like a coincidence.

Froot Brutes. While the Wilson family sits around at the home of Kitty & Josh Tyler (Tim Heidecker & Elisabeth Moss), Jason can be seen eating from a bowl of Froot Loops sans milk. Is this meant to be a nod to the psychotically tranquil scene where Rose Armitage enjoys her segregated “white” milk from “colored” Foot Loops? Does this add further evidence to the crazy reddit theory about Jason? What kind of psycho eats dry cereal as they drink milk? Scary stuff.

C.H.U.D is MY bud. I LOVED seeing the C.H.U.D tape among the other VHS on the shelf at the beginning. Not only is it a nod to the subterranean on goings mentioned just before in the opening preamble, but it feels like a little wink from Peele to reassure Horror fans and Genre nuts that they are getting something good. Additionally, I really appreciated seeing the random tape with a written on label - nostalgia city.

All those damn Vampires. Much like the C.H.U.D tape, another one of those winks was using Santa Cruz and its pier as the setting for the story. It too ties into the whole subterranean theme with the cave that David and his coven of Lost Boys hang out in. It is such a magical yet ominous place that laid on a nice layer of dread, especially in the opening flashback. There is even a very brief mention of the filming of some scary movie that Adelaide’s mother tells her father.

Tuned in. The comedic use of NWA’s song Fuck the Police is the perfect button of satire on the eerie juxtaposition of the Beach Boy’s Good Vibrations playing as the Tylers are savagely murdered by the doppelgangers.  As I’ve read elsewhere online, it ties into the idea of the police being worthless much like we also saw in Get Out. Peele’s cinematic use of music rivals Quentin Tarantino, Martin Scorsese, and Danny Boyle.

Chiller. The Thriller shirt is another tasty visual treat that really make us feel the time period, much like the VHS, and the location of Santa Cruz. Just seeing it made me feel the same feeling I felt watching the Thriller video as a lad and added to that same ominous tone. It felt like it was the template for Peele in the same way that Halloween was the template for the opening of Get Out.

Everything went black. I’ve read online that the golden scissors are clearly a symbolic way of revolt by cutting the “Tether".” In hindsight, this is quite obvious. But at the time while I was watching I could only think of the reversal of the silver spoon - a popular expression for those fortunate to be born into wealth. The golden (or perhaps it is brass) scissor (as well as the red jumpsuits) represent a life of endlessly toiling in a garment or sweatshop.

Nobunny loves you. The Tethered are some sort of failed experiment who (exclusively) eat  rabbits - kindred spirits who have always been test subjects in one way or another. Did the cloning start off with experimenting on rabbits? This might explain the rabbit surplus. As I talk about below, it just feels too surreal to be explained in any sort of rational way.

Psycho Killer. There is a really fun theory that Jason is a deadite, there is also a theory that Michael Myers is one of the Tethered. It makes sense. Wow! Such a great idea. It’s as if we have retroactively found mythologies for these slashers! I’m digging it, and with those red jumpsuits they wear, I once again wonder if it is meant to be a tip of the hat in some way.

Revenge. It was really great to see all the Black Flag t shirts! There were 3 in all that in hindsight are pretty self explanatory, it doesn’t get more subversive than that! First we see the My War  shirt at the beginning, followed by the classic bars, and lastly, Jealous Again. So perfect. I love this sort of thing - a great lesson for any filmmaker looking to add rich, symbolic detail to their film. Before the band, the Black Flag was a symbol of Anarchy. I am surprised that Peele didn’t use the Damaged album cover as well, it would have fit perfectly with the rest.

Parental Advisory. Peele takes the gilded idealism (like “Just Say No”) of  Hands Across America from the 80s and just shreds it in the best way ever by turning this empty benevolent gesture from a bygone era into a malevolent focal point of chaos,  anarchy, and carnage. It is deeply linked to whatever trauma was felt by (the real) Adelaide Wilson and really says something about how random things can imprint people during horrific situations and become a symbolistic focal point for them.


I feel confused, but I am not sure if it is in that good way.

There are a few tiny gripes. I have too many questions about story semantics. They just could not be ignored no matter how much I enjoyed the terrifying performances, masterful filmmaking, dark comedic flourishes, and spine tingling suspense.

Normally I want to revel in the mystery. But with Us, I just needed more answers. I don’t know why. When I got out of the screening, it was a bit frustrating and my initial emotions left me feeling unfulfilled, but I realize that it is probably for my own good. Sometimes when it is all on the table, I begin to nitpick and complain about spoon-fed exposition along with the nagging question of “why everything needs to be explained?”

If I had to guess, it could have been this shift in tone from realism, to what seemed supernatural or surrealism, and then followed by another reversal to realism. When we first meet the doppelgangers, I was sure they had to be supernatural in origin. I was a bit shocked (also a tad let down when they weren’t) and that led to too many questions (not always a bad thing). I hate to say it, but the tonal shift feels (to me) a bit too post Sixth SenseShyamalanistic” like The Village: A misunderstood film, that should be better seen as a Twilight Zone episode.

I got questions.

Ok, I wasn’t going to dive in, but once I started I could not stop. I am still grappling with the “They” who created the Tethered. Who are they? The Government? Do “They” end up keeping tabs on everyone they have cloned and then pair them up? i.e. The Tyler’s and the Wilson’s Doppelgangers are married to the same people - or is that taken care of through the mental tethering aspect? What about their children? Are they clones? Or did the Tethered conceive those children? Is it possible that they are sterile and the only way they reproduce is to mirror the combinations made above by cloning the children as well? What about the scissors, red jumpsuits, and rabbits? If “They” who created the Tethered happen to be the Government, then these are weird items to include. They feel very surreal and lynchian - elements that do not reflect the scientific/realism of the cloning. I could not reconcile their union.

As the film lingers in my thoughts, I continue to glean what is being said online and my brain mellows a bit on the questions. I also realize that because of the brilliant twist ending, I will need another viewing in order to give the appraisal it deserves. Like any good film with a Sixth Sense level twist, the entire meaning is forever changed when you finish that first viewing. It will never be the same film again.

A sophomoric success.

Overall, Us is a well-rounded sophomoric (sometimes they can be sophoMORONic) home run with some frayed edges. I am stoked for his critical and box official success. We need A THOUSAND more directors like him. Peele must have felt the pressure as he crafted his second film. How do you follow up a movie like Get Out? It can’t be easy. Especially when the hype machine is constantly shouting hyperbole that “we” as an audience hope is true. Is Us a masterpiece out of the gate like Get Out? I don’t think so (although time will tell). Peele is forging a respectable body of work. He is on a path to solidifying a cinematic legacy like Hitchcock and Spielberg, however, if he is not careful he could go full Shyamalan. And as we’ve already learned, you never go full Shyamalan. Can’t wait to see what you do next Mr. Peele!!!

Post Note: I DO NOT hate M. Night Shyamalan or his films.

I think he is immensely talented and has the capacity to tell great stories (when he does). Left unchecked, we get things like The Happening and... so on.