Jeff Frumess

Hello, I am a dedicated and meticulous filmmaker from Westchester, New York.

I also work as a Videographer, Social Media Manager, Graphic Designer, Editor, and Writer with an extraordinary eye for detail and efficiency.

I have comprehensive experience with all aspects of film & video production as a jack of all trades and a proven ability to handle a variety of simultaneous projects and work under high-pressure deadlines.

With my extensive experience making independent films, I pride myself on being personable, creative, and motivated.

I operate on a fast learning curve. I am accustomed to performing in high pressure, fast-paced environments all while pushing my creative limits to deliver in a way that surpass all expectations.

Storytelling is my passion and I live and breath to create content, ESPECIALLY in the realms of film and video.

Photo by  Matthew Valera .

Photo by Matthew Valera.