Charliefits and the House of Wolfman

Charliefits and I first met (along with Bobzig) backstage at a Danzig show at Chicago’s beloved Congress Theater (RIP) in 2008. We clicked immediately over our love for “Uncle” Glenn’s music as well as a variety of other shared interests. In the years since, I have watched from afar as Charlie has taken something he excelled at and apply it to all of his various interests in music and film to create gorgeous DIY collectible figurines. So skilled was Charlie in his work that what started as a fun hobby has turned into a full scale business operation with many, many satisfied customers along the way.

Watching this from the sidelines has made my heart gush open, proud as hell for my friend. I am so happy for his success and only hope that it continues to grow bigger and bigger. I think I gravitate to this story in particular because it is a phenomenal example of how investment of time, energy, and love in one’s passions yield success as a byproduct and not the desired end result.

If YOU reader are into REALLY COOL collectible figurines of your favorite pop culture horror/scifi icons, then go check out Charlie’s ESTY HERE -

Follow him here at @Wolfman138 on Instagram



In the words of our beloved band, I only say to you - Charliefits, “GO! GO! GO!….. WHOAAAAAAA!!!!!”

Aquaman Stream Of Consciousness Thoughts: A "blahG" Post Experiment


Warning: This is an experimental blahg post.

Stream of consciousness thoughts after watching #Aquaman

The DC Universe’s Black Panther with Justice League CGI.

Best enjoyed in a theater.

Flash Gordon with a tinge of Star Wars.





Just as Metal as Thor 3.



Dolph Lundgren and Willem Dafoe riding crazy seahorse/shark creatures.

Deadly telepathic wine crystals.

Crab People.


Dear Warner Bros/DC, rebuild your universe with Aquaman and Wonder Woman and work your way up to Batman and Superman. You can do it!

After seeing these two films, I believe in you.