Pitch It Movie Podcast Episode 52

Filmmaker Jeff Frumess joins Pete, Sean, and Will to spitball on a dry pitch a timely story about a luxury music festival gone horribly wrong with a mysterious secret called "STEPHEN KING'S: FYRE ISLAND". Originally released May 8th, 2017. Inspired by the Fyre Festival disaster found recently in the news, Nicolas Cage (#IAMCAGE, Remake: The Remake) finds himself stranded on an island with self-centered millennials in a fight for their lives. But with a lack of any real survival skills, can a group of washed up actors and instagram celebrities work together to uncover the shadowy mysteries and the baffling motivations behind their trip of a lifetime? Written by legendary horror scribe Stephen King and directed by first class international filmmaker Werner Herzog comes the science fiction cautionary tale "FYRE ISLAND".

Maddwolf Fright Club: Best Anthology Horror

We finally did it. We finally took a look at short compilations and horror anthologies—all sixty million of them—and found that there are many great ones. So many, in fact, that filmmaker Jeff Frumess teamed up with us so we could cover twice as many. Here are our five favorites. To listen to the whole conversation and catch Jeff’s picks, check out the podcast HERE.

The Horror Happens Radio Show w/Jay Kay

Hosted by the devilish “Jay Kay & The Ghost”, the Horror Happens Radio Show is a "4X Rondo Hatton Nominated” showcasing live, smart & uncensored, internet horror talk radio programming that features over 1300 guests & conversations! in 273 episodes

The Fear Merchant - Bazaar Cast Episode 9

Hello there and welcome to Episode 9 of The Bazaar! Joining me today is writer/director Jeff Frumess phoning in from New York. We discuss his feature debut: Romeo's Distress (2016) a Weird, Shakespearean, Gothic, Horror-Thriller. We talk about the creative process and what it takes to make a "zero budget" film. It was a fun conversation with a really fun guy and you should really check out Romeo's Distress, see details below. I hope you enjoy! Come back anytime. Continue the discussion over on Twitter to @TheFearMerchant using #TheBazaarCast *** As always The Bazaar - The Fear Merchant Podcast is hosted and produced by R. M. Martin. All inquiries to TheFearMerchant@gmail.com For more see: https://TheFearMerchant.com

Fascinating Talks with Dave Kehnast

Jeff Frumess Discusses Horror, The Misfits, and a host of other fun topics!  Enjoy!

The Stroll Show (8/14/17)

The boys sit down with director of Romeo's Distress - Jeff Frumess. He stopped by to talk his film Romeo's Distress, pop punk, & following your dreams.

The Laughing Horror Podcast Episode #36

Kyle from The Laughing Horror Podcast interviews Jeff Frumess, Director of "Romeo's Distress" on Episode # 36

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