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The secret recipe for earned media success.

Build your Instagram brand and attract new customers with artisanal video content from TAVC.

The Vision

We are a independent FOOD CONTENT service for social media (based out of Westchester, NY) for the

independent restaurant entrepreneur.

  • Social media is the wild west frontier that independent restaurant entrepreneurs need to conquer and master

  • We want to give you the tools you need to make your food and drinks to go viral on social media

  • We can help you sum up your business/product with a concise 60 second/1 minute video - perfect for the internet aged attention span

  • Something about the untapped exposure/free advertising that you (client) are not utilizing because you don't have the right food content

  • Have us make the perfect video for Thrillist/Food Beast/etc to pick up and showcase

  • CELL PHONE pictures can suffice, but what about the curious patron that wants to find out more?

  • We want you to thrive in a sink or swim industry

  • Social media is a wonderful, archival place for new business prospects to discover you and your product

  • If yelp etc. are essentials of the post restaurant experience, then food content is essential to the pre restaurant experience